What Does Heating System Involve?

Theeta is largest producer of heating elements for domestic and industrial applications in India. It boasts off highly qualified professionals and engineers, who are highly specialized in the field of electric heating.

A heating system is large mechanism that maintains temperatures at a permissible limit by using thermal energy. The system requires utmost care and precaution. A minor mistake can spoil the entire system. At Theeta, the heating elements are made from M.S. brass and S.S. sheathing, which make them perfect for use in various air-cooled applications. There are varied applications of these elements – Heating-Arrangements, Leather Drying Chambers, Textiles, Stoving Paints, Air-Conditioning etc. Chemical heating elements are the part of these elements which are produced by the company. They are made with the best quality of chrome nickel steel tube. These elements also have a wide range of applications in various alkaline cleaning solutions. In order to meet the requirements of clients, the company offers these products in various technical specifications and dimensions. The clients of the company include both national and overseas. There is bulk requirement of these products all over the country and company fulfills all the requirements.

The credit for all these extraordinary appliances goes to Science that has brought great changes in every sphere of our daily life. Now, everybody is in position to avail the benefits of these appliances. These electrical appliances are cheap and do not cut a hole in the pockets of consumers. They are durable and last of a long time.

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