Air Heaters Offer High Performance and Versatility

Air heaters as the name suggest are the devices that are used to heat air. All types of radiant, space and forced air products are examples of these types of heaters.  Forced air products are used to moderate and control the flow of hot air by circulating air past a heat source with a heat or blower. The air current flowing through the heater absorbs the heat energy that is being generated and as a result the air that comes out has a higher temperature.

Radiant heater uses the oldest form of heating known to man. They transfer infra-red energy which in turn is converted into heat when absorbed by an object. The temperature of the heat absorbing object as such rises and begins to heat the surrounding areas. In simplest of terms, it works on the same principal used by sun rays to heat the earth.  There are a host of benefits offered by this type of heating. First and foremost radiant heat passes through the air and heats solid objects making them highly efficient source of heat both indoors and outdoors. Also, they give out heat instantly and entail very low operating and maintenance cost.

Heaters that are used for heating the air are used in wide variety of commercial, residential and industrial applications.  Residential and commercial heaters are generally used for room, HVAC system or space heating. Calcination, drying, melting and preheating are some of the important chemical processes making use of these heaters in industrial settings. These types of heaters find widespread usage in rubber, textile, electronic, packaging and automotive industries among other.

A quality manufacturer and supplier apart from providing you with these high class heaters can also offer an extensive range of cooker heating elements for cooking appliances.

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