Important Features of Flameproof Heaters

Scientific inventions have given birth to many wonderful electrical appliances, which are useful for the mankind. Flameproof heaters are one of the best electrical appliances, which are widely used for industrial applications. They are made up of quality materials with the help of modern technology and compliance with international quality of standards and norms. They are sturdy, durable and need less maintenance. They are extensively used in oil industries, petroleum and gas stations. The attractive features include the following:

  • Elements are made from 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire
  • Anti-condensation heater fixtures
  • Certified and suitable for use in high ambient temperatures
  • Elements are specially sealed for prevention of moisture ingress
  • Terminal box is certified
  • Magnesium oxide powder covered within corrosion/erosion resistant tube
  • Temperature classes A, B, C
  • Up to 1000 kW larger ratings achieved by a combination of enclosures
  • Removable type elements to facilitate replacement without draining the vessel
  • Elements are replaceable on site without replacing the whole unit

On the other hand, flameproof heating elements are other equally useful electrical appliances, which have wide applications in industries. Theeta is a large manufacturer and exporter of these electrical appliances. The company manufactures these appliances for both domestic and industrial applications. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals and engineers that has more than 25 years of experience in the specialized field of electrical engineering. The electrical products are manufactured at its three major plants located in different states of India. These plants are capable of handling huge volumes for both domestic and export markets.

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